How to Become a Freelance SEO Writer

Freelance writing has recently begun to appeal to many business professionals, students, stay-at-home moms, and other adults looking to supplement their income or escape their mundane 9-to-5 jobs. More specifically, search engine optimization (SEO) writing is a lucrative field that is relatively easy to enter without much prior knowledge or training. To become a freelance SEO writer, you just need some basic skills and the ability to follow directions.

To understand how to become a freelance SEO writer, you must first understand the concept of SEO writing. So what exactly is SEO writing?

SEO writing helps search engines find websites based on keyword searches. The more quality keyword-based content a website has, the better it will rank in web search results, just like Google. Of course, the higher a site’s search rank, the more traffic it gets, which in turn brings in more money for the person who runs the site. It’s about creating articles that are not only easy to find for search engines, but also informative and enjoyable for readers.

So how do I become a freelance SEO writer?

To be a successful freelance SEO writer, you need to be able to write short but informative articles on any topic your clients ask for. Some articles and topics can require a lot of research if you don’t have much prior knowledge in the field. However, if you can find work in an industry you know well, your expertise on a particular topic can easily translate into articles that readers and search engines alike will love.

Another key to becoming a freelance SEO writer is finding clients. Obviously, you can’t be a freelance writer without someone writing for you. Some sites outsource freelance writing, meaning they negotiate rates and communicate with clients while you just write the article and submit it to them. You can easily find one of these sites by searching “freelance SEO writing jobs” in any search engine.

Once you’re comfortable writing SEO articles and landing some clients, you can increase your contacts with potential clients for more work. When you produce quality articles in a timely manner, deliver quality work, and build relationships with clients, your workload is sure to keep growing and you can begin to solidify yourself as a successful freelance SEO writer.


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