Keys To Being An Effective Freelance SEO Writer

The number of freelance SEO writers continues to grow as more and more companies recognize the need for quality content to improve search engine rankings. But more content doesn’t always equate to better rankings.

As the world of SEO (search engine optimization) continues to change, the focus is gradually shifting to delivering quality over quantity. Freelance SEO writers must consistently deliver high-quality content to meet the needs of website owners who want to achieve and maintain top rankings in search engines.

Understand the key elements of SEO writing

At its core, search engine optimization is the ultimate goal of achieving higher rankings for a particular search term or ‘keyword’. A website that sells computers should rank for keywords that are relevant to people who might be looking for a new laptop. Potential customers might use keywords like “laptop” and “computer” or phrases like “best deals on laptops.”

Businesses need to understand what keywords potential customers will use to find the products and information they are looking for. Therefore, these keywords should be kept in mind when creating website content. For freelance SEO writers, knowing how to create content around the keywords your business needs is critical to the success of your SEO efforts.

Moreover, SEO includes the process of link building. Links are often considered the currency of the internet. They can be thought of as “votes” and help search engines determine the quality of a particular website. Therefore, having high quality links pointing to their website is good for a company’s ranking.

The value of a link depends on many factors, including the source of the link and the words used in the link (e.g. “click here” vs. “laptop”). For SEO content writers, understanding the elements that add link value will allow them to better optimize the content they create for their clients.

Keep up to date with the SEO world

The world of SEO is an ever-changing landscape. For example, Google is constantly updating its algorithm to ensure a top-notch service and deliver results relevant to what users are searching for. However, these updates can also cause problems. One update can make someone lose the number one spot overnight.

Freelance SEO writers striving to deliver targeted and relevant content need to understand the nature of these changes and how they affect the elements that rank higher. These updates make changes that are beyond the control of the site administrator. Therefore, every member of the content creation team should be aware of these changes and respond accordingly.

In the end, quality always trumps quantity. Gone are the days of cramming mediocre content with the right keywords. Poorly written content provides no value to readers and can do more harm than good. Search engines are constantly evolving and getting better at filtering out low-quality content. Freelance SEO writers need to keep up with the latest developments in SEO and content creation in order to provide clients with quality content that not only improves rankings but more importantly meets the needs of their clients.


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