Searching for Clients As a Freelance SEO Writer

Writers often find that marketing is the hardest part of freelancing, but it’s the second most important skill after writing. Finding clients is not difficult for writing SEO content. SEO marketing companies, SEO companies and link building companies all need good freelance SEO writers to produce content.

Follow the steps below to get your first customer.

1. Create a contact list

As a freelance SEO writer, Google will be your best friend in finding great SEO clients. Use it to search for the keywords “SEO Marketing Company,” “SEO Company,” or “Link Building Company.” Then put the contact information of at least 50 companies in a Microsoft Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet. In this database you can keep track of which companies you have contacted and which have responded.

Try to find contact details of people within the company. Creating a personalized email increases the chances of your email reaching someone. You want to prevent your emails from going unread.

2 Introduction

Email introductions are the easiest. Set a goal to contact at least ten companies a day until some start hiring you.

For emails, compose a short message with information about your freelance SEO writer services and your contact information. Mention that you will send samples and rates upon request. Highlight any special features that set you apart from the competition. Many people will write; what makes you unique? For example, is English your native language? If so, that gives you a big advantage over non-native English speakers, who may offer lower prices. Writers in other countries may charge less, but you may be able to produce higher-quality articles. Also consider emphasizing your writing speed, formal education, writing style, or expertise (if applicable).

If you don’t hear back from the company, try to have a follow-up call. Contacting the company has the added benefit of standing out in the minds of potential employers and giving you a competitive edge. Even if English is your native language, conversations with company personnel can prove it.

3. Price

First of all, congratulations on coming this far! When you talk about money, clients are interested in hiring you as a freelance SEO writer. Many writers use the 350-word limit as their rate limit. They charge lower rates for articles under 350 words and higher rates for longer articles.

Your rate is calculated based on article completion or a number of words; no hourly rates are offered. Getting paid based on hours worked limits your earning potential because there are only set hours of the day. Charge based on the number of articles completed or words written, tying your fee directly to your input. You get paid more if you write five articles in an hour instead of one. But if you’re billed by the hour, you’ll get the same pay.

If you market yourself on a daily basis, you should be able to easily find clients as a freelance SEO writer.


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